Eric Stanley: A Violin Genius

Ok, let’s face it… every now & then a YouTube sensation gets a random 15 minutes of fame. However, more often than not, they haphazardly ended up in the lime light by displaying a minimal amount of talent.

That is NOT the case with Eric Stanley.

Eric Stanley has been covering hit songs on the violin for a couple of years now & it doesn’t seem like there’s an end in sight. “Eric is a master of his craft, the musical protége has elevated his passion, by performing as the opening act for the “Airplanes” singer/songwriter B.O.B., Maybach Music’s Wale, and RocNation’s very own J.Cole.

We’re boasting on this kid right now because he’s got a dose of what a million people wish they could have: REAL TALENT. He seems like a good kid & is probably the best thing out right now. We’re just pumped to let ya know about it.

Take a look at two of our Eric Stanley favorites:

For more information on Eric Stanley, visit the following pages:


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