Deadline LTD

Currently available at the Vault, Deadline LTD is a lifestyle brand based out of LA & NY. They have collaborations with Diamond, The Hundreds, G-Shock, Crooks and Castles and Blvck Scvle. The creative mind behind Deadline Limited is a guy that goes by the name, “NA”. NA has been a force in the game for a very long time. Originally from Sunset Park, Brooklyn, he grew up around the Supreme shop in NY, and was the ambassador for Supreme when they opened on Fairfax in L.A. NA was amongst all of the OG skate heads, photographers, tastemakers etc. that have helped shape skate & streetwear to what it is today.

Artists that rep the Deadline brand heavy are: A$AP Rocky, Wacka Flocka, Lil Wayne, Freddie Gibbs, SchoolBoy Q, and L.A. Laker, and Queens, N.Y. native Metta World Peace.

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Watch some behind-the-scenes footage of their 2012 Summer Lookbook!

Find out more about Deadline LTD here:
Deadline on Facebook
Deadline on Twitter
Deadline’s Tumblr


One response to “Deadline LTD”

  1. Alvaro Lopez says :

    ****fixed some spelling errors.

    You should really consider bringing some variety to your shops selection. A lot of these new offerings are much of the same, not a breathe of fresh air. These brands that simply display there brand name and logo on a large and gaudy screen printed tee are simply traveling down a beaten path. Let City Gear shelve these brands and slash their prices after only a few people buy them. The vault should be a step above and offer something a little more tasteful. Other than the recent Yeezy 2 release, what sets the Vault apart from City Gear? Time to revamp the selection and rethink the direction you are taking this concept store. If help is needed then I am more than willing to help. It’s time we put sometching special in Memphis and put the M on the map.

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