The STAPLE Collection

Staple Design was founded in New York in 1997. Since then they have become one of the most respected street culture apparel brands ever. The Staple collection perfectly mixes street-minded sensibilities with mature sophisticated nods to high-end fashion. Led by Founder and Creative Director, Jeff Staple, Staple Design has worked with Timberland, Beats by Dre, Kid Robot, Kangol, New Era, Converse, and Nike. The most famous of the collabs being the Pigeon SB Dunk in 2005. Visit for more info about the brand.

Check out these images of the new line, and let us know what you think:

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True to the spirit of the times, Staple has labeled its Fall 2012 collection “American History ______,” a nod to the running theme of the dichotomy between the haves and have nots that exists throughout the history of the nation. Two particular epochs that serve as primary inspirations are the “Insurgent Era,” giving nod to the American history of warfare, and the “Native Era,” which pays tribute to the original Native American inhabitants of the land. Also contained in the range is the “Staple Icon” series, a subcollection that harks back to the New York City origins of the brand.
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